Circle H Ranch Texas
Circle H Ranch and Lodge

Circle H Ranch was purchased in several parts by W. E. Harwood, starting in the 1970’s, as a place for his family and friends to come and enjoy the magnificent scenery and wildlife for which the Texas Hill Country is famous. The original part of the ranch was called La Solana (which means the sunny place) and bordered the J.H. rose ranch, which was one of Texas’ original exotic game ranches. The rose ranch along with another property were added to the original ranch and the entire ranch known by many today was renamed the Circle H Ranch after the registered brand by which the ranch uses for business. The ranch, which did have a small cattle operation originally, became devoted to the preservation and sale of wildlife as the sole business and income for the ranch. A decision was made later to use the original rose ranch house as a place for people to rent and bring their family and friends to enjoy what the ranch and the area had to offer. The “rose ranch house”, now known as the Circle H Lodge, was renovated and extensive work was done around the grounds and area so that people could come and enjoy first hand the beauty that the ranch had to offer. Many people have visited the ranch and come away with a better understanding of the natural beauty of the area and the role that Circle H Ranch plays in the worldwide effort of wildlife conservation.

Circle H Ranch Services

  • We have a large variety of super and common exotic hoofstock available. Call or e-mail us about what you might be interested in and we will help you through the process.
  • Delivery of animals is available for purchases from us, or your ranch sales.
  • Our testing and handling facility will help us fill any order, or help you to receive the benefit of our facility for your animal needs.
  • Animal identification systems are available.
  • Consulting for a variety of needs: capture and holding, disease, which species for your ranch, export, import, hunting.

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Circle H Ranch Texas